Student Registration

To register your child/ren in Southwest Horizon School Division, please refer to our procedure on Student Registration.

The following forms will be required by the school you wish to register your child/ren at.  Please save these forms to your computer prior to filling it in, or alternatively print them off and fill them in.

*Please note that if your child has both Asthma and Anaphylaxis, only complete the URIS application form and the URIS nurse will contact you directly to arrange an individualized care plan.

School of Choice

If you are applying to a School of Choice (a school outside of your home catchment area) please read Administrative Procedure 7-03 School of Choice/Program Not Offered which includes the appropriate School of Choice forms.  

Pupil transportation may be made available for students who wish to meet the nearest bus going to the school of choice, if space is available on the bus and while the bus is on the existing approved route.  In addition, parents are entitled to make a written request to the Board asking for bussing direct from the student’s home, in special circumstances, using the form below: