Latest News from Southwest Horizon School Division

The Board of Trustees of Southwest Horizon School Division is excited to announce the appointment of Lori Pople as the Principal of Waskada School, effective September 5, 2023.  Lori has been a member of Southwest Horizon’s team since 2011 as a physical education and classroom teacher, as the Indigenous Academic Achievement Facilitator, and as the Interim Principal of Waskada School.  Lori holds a Master of Education in Educational Administration and is currently completing a Master in Inclusive Education through Brandon University.


Lori believes that public education is all about the students and is firmly committed to her belief that relationships are the foundation of student engagement and ultimately student learning.  Lori is committed to working alongside Waskada Staff to provide the support, guidance, and resources to mitigate challenges as they arise.


Congratulations Lori!

Cardboard Challenge (2023)

This past week the Grade 5/6’s from Souris School had the chance to host the 2nd annual Cardboard Challenge at Souris School! Last year, the Cardboard Challenge idea was brought to the Grade 5/6 classrooms to take part in a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) challenge by Stacy Martin. We had no clue what it was all about, but wow were we happy she introduced us to the global program!

In Cole’s Notes fashion, the Cardboard Challenge is a worldwide celebration of child creativity, and the role communities can play in fostering it. On Friday, May 19th we were able to go outside in our outdoor classroom and students were able to design and build something out of cardboard, recycled materials, and imagination. We were very excited to have some of the Early Year’s classes down to try them out as well!

A HUGE thank you to all our sponsors:

·      Look Out Café with cookies and card board

·      Pharma Save, cardboard and old magazines 

·      Fun Time Pottery, paint and cardboard

·      Co-Op Grocery, cardboard

·      Jenna Marwick, cardboard

·      Darlene Higgs, paint and cardboard 

·      Oliver Martin, assisting with pick up of the cardboard

·      Check Right First Aid, collecting and storage of the cardboard

·      Richie Bison, donated cardboard

We are already looking forward to the third annual Cardboard Challenge next Spring!

This year’s award winners are:

1st – Skee Ball

Honorable Mentions: Tank, Pickle Toss, Castle, & Camper Van!

Thank you to the community for their ongoing support of the outdoor classroom and its initiatives!

The Board of Trustees of Southwest Horizon School Division is excited to announce the appointment of Dayna Leslie as the Principal of Hartney School, effective February 5, 2024. Dayna has been a member of Southwest Horizon’s team for ten years, as a classroom teacher, a resource teacher, and a principal at Waskada School. Dayna believes that education is a right for all learners. As a principal, she has the passion for encouraging a school climate that allows staff and students to stretch their learning, pursue their interests, and develop leadership skills that will benefit not only the school but also their future endeavors. Dayna is proud to work within rural schools as they provide students with strong connections, community awareness and a sense of belonging.

Please join us in welcoming Dayna to Hartney School!

Southwest Horizon School Division is pleased to offer a Literacy

Program for pre-school and school aged children this summer in your

community! With the assistance of the Green Team Grant from Manitoba

Children and Youth Opportunities and Southwest Horizon School

Division, we have hired four summer students who will work in teams

and travel to each community within the division one day a week to

offer a literacy-based recreation program.

Please click link below:

Summer Literacy Program Information and Registration Forms

May 2023



Superintendent Announcement


The Board of Trustees of Southwest Horizon School Division is delighted to announce the appointment of Stephanie Emberly as Superintendent effective July 1, 2023.


Stephanie is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion and believes that all students deserve access to a high-quality education, regardless of their background or circumstances. Her leadership is grounded in collaboration, communication, and transparency and believes in building strong relationships with stakeholders to create a shared vision for the division. By fostering a culture of trust and respect, she empowers staff and community members to work together towards common goals.


Mrs. Emberly is currently the principal of Boissevain School and was the former vice-principal at Wawanesa School. 


Please join us in welcoming Stephanie Emberly back to Southwest Horizon as the next Superintendent!





The Board of Trustees

Terry Fox Run 2022-2023

Congrats to Hartney School - Ranked 37th - Elementary Division

Southwest Horizon School Division

Donation History Report

Statistics as of March 2023

2023 Terry Fox School Run Fundraising Total

Wawanesa School


Melita School


Hartney School


Pierson School


Waskada School


Souris School


Grand Total


Curriculum and Strategic Initiatives Coordinator

The Board of Trustees of Southwest Horizon School Division is excited to announce the appointment of Valerie Kachur, who will be joining our Senior Admin team in September 2023 as our Curriculum and Strategic Initiatives Coordinator. Valerie believes in the value of relationships and that authentic connection with both students and adults is the bridge to effective coaching. She comes to us with experience in k-12 classroom teaching, Numeracy and Literacy Coaching, Social Emotional Lead Coordinating, as well as her work in ELA with Curriculum Leadership, and the mRLC.

Please join us in welcoming Valerie Kachur to Southwest Horizon!


A huge THANK YOU to Elder Susie McPherson Derendy and dancer Sam Jackson for coming to perform in the  Grade 3/4 classroom at Hartney School.  

Hartney School raised $2,700.00 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation with their Jump Rope For Heart!    

Mrs. Carlisle promised the top fundraisers they could choose a staff member to “pie” in the face!  On Tuesday, March 21 the following students got to do exactly that!    Having been “pied” by her grandson a second time in as many events, Mrs. Combs offered to top up our donations to $2,700 if she could pie Jaxen!  (first picture)

Last Picture - Greyson C got Mrs. Hale, who  was a good sport – she was subbing in Kindergarten

Student Services Coordinators


The Board of Trustees of Southwest Horizon School Division is excited to announce the

appointment of Kristin Polnik and Jill King, who will be joining our Senior Admin team as

Student Services Coordinators for the next school year.

Kristin Polnik has a vast array of experience as a Classroom Teacher and Resource Teacher.

Kristin will be putting her experience to work by joining the Senior Admin team to support our

division. Kristin Polnik will be .5 Student Services Coordinator and maintain a .5 position in

Hartney School.

Jill King is pleased to return to the role of Student Services Coordintor and looking forward to

continuing to support staff and students next school year. Jill King will be .5 Student Services

Coordinator and maintain a .5 position in Waskada school.

Southwest Horizon School Division


PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the Southwest Horizon School Division intends to conduct the following Pesticide Control Programs in 2023:


To control rodents and crawling insects within the Southwest Horizon School Division.

The projected dates of application will be Monthly from

May 1st, 2023 to December 31st, 2023.


The following products supplied and administered by Poulin’s Pest Control will be used in and around the crawlspace of schools in the communities of Wawanesa, Souris, Hartney, Deloraine, Waskada, Melita and Pierson:

·        Contrac Blox

·        Rozol RTV

·        Resolv Dragnet

·        Dr. Doom Residual

·        Dr. Doom In and Out

·        Contrac Grain Bait Bag

·        Pro Ant and Roach Pyrodust

·        Dr. Doom Wasp and Hornet

·        Temprid SC

·        Drione

·        Permethrin

·        Bromadiolone


The public may send written submission or objections within 15 days of the publication of the notice to the department below:


Environmental Approvals Branch

Manitoba Sustainable Development

1007 Century Street

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0W4

Trustee Janice McDonald Receives Long-Service Recognition

Trustee Janice McDonald was recognized for her 12 years of service as a Southwest Horizon School Division Board of Trustee at the Manitoba School Boards Association’s 59th Annual Convention on March 17, 2023.  Trustee McDonald was first elected in October 2010 for the Wawanesa Ward and has held the seat since then.  She has been the Trustee representative for the Souris River Recreation District and served as Board Chair for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 school years.  Janice has also served on many Board committees and is the current chairperson for the Negotiations committee. 


Congratulations Janice!

Festival du Voyageur (2023)

This past week the Grade 5/6’s from Souris School had the chance to go to the Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg! The grade 5/6’s planned and coordinated this incredible experience. As a result, they developed an awareness and appreciation of Manitoban and Indigenous culture within Manitoba. You could tell the Grade 5/6’s from Elder, Filewich, and Ray’s room were engaged and excited to experience meaningful and authentic experiences that we talk about in our Social Studies programs. 

Hartney School Metis Winter Fest 2023

A fun day was had at the Hartney School Metis Winter Fest this past week including building travois, dot art, flint fire starter demonstration, making leather pouches, exploring Metis artifacts, furs and hunting areas and so much more!   Check out all the fun in the pictures below.

Fun Fact: A travois is a historical frame structure used to drag loads over land. Evidence supports that travois were used in other parts of the world before the invention of the wheel.

 February 2, 2023


SOURIS, MB - Southwest Horizon School Division Superintendent, Carolyn Cory, has informed the Board of Trustees of her intent to retire at the end of this school year, effective July 1, 2023.


Carolyn has been an educator for 37 years, 29 of which were with Southwest Horizon School Division (SHSD).  She is a graduate of Brandon University, earning a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Special Education.  Much of her early career was spent in Early Years, Reading Recovery, and Resource positions, after which she moved into an administrative role as the division's Student Services and Curriculum Coordinator in 2010.  Carolyn became Superintendent of Southwest Horizon in 2013 and has overseen the education of thousands of learners throughout her tenure.


Describing herself as an "Instructional Leader", Carolyn along with a strong leadership team, championed Literacy and Numeracy initiatives for Southwest Horizon.  Carolyn has forged strong relationships with students, families, and staff, focusing on wellness, equity, and expanded opportunities.  She believes in a strategic, data-driven approach to learning, allowing educators to provide top-quality instruction in the classroom.


Carolyn is well-respected among her peers and has earned multiple accolades throughout her career.  She is a member of the Executive of the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents, and a strong advocate and support for the Manitoba Rural Learning Consortium.


The Board of Trustees is grateful for Carolyn's leadership and dedication to the division over the last decade and throughout her career, “We sincerely thank Carolyn for her years of service to our division and to the larger educational community,” says Board Chair Cheryl Rushing. “Her remarkable ability to lead transformational change has guided the division toward educational excellence.  Our division, our educators, and especially our learners are grateful for her years of service.”


Carolyn looks forward to a well-deserved retirement filled with gardening, travelling, and spending time with her family.


The SHSD Board of Trustees will soon begin the task of finding someone new to take on this important lead role.

  Valeria Naumann Kaylee Phillips

Ms. Salamondra’s Social Studies class in Hartney School took part in the Manitoba Council for International Cooperation #GoForTheGoals Classrooms Challenge.  Grade 7-9 students were to design a new $20 bill based on the theme of the United Nations Sustainability Goals in social studies. The students were required to choose one goal and incorporate 5 symbols into their design. They were also required to explain their choices in a written paragraph. Entries were submitted to a provincial contest through Manitoba Council for International Cooperation.

We are very proud to announce that Valeria Naumann won the school competition with the first picture and write-up below.

Kaylee Phillips’ design was chosen as the Provincial winner!  Not only will her whole class enjoy a pizza lunch to celebrate, her $20 Bill design will be featured on displays and in videos during their International Development Week 2023 Kick-off event on February 7.  They have also invited her to join them that day to share her voice at the kick-off event at the Manitoba Legislative Building.  If she can’t make it, a recorded video or voice memo has been requested, to be used in her absence.  

Congratulations, girls! 

Congrats to the Souris Varsity Girls Basketball team who captured the tournament title in Hamiota over the weekend.  Our Junior Varsity Girls and Boys teams also went undefeated in tourney action at Crocus! Go Sabs!!

Decade of inflation crunches funding for schools



THREE-quarters of Manitoba’s public

school divisions are receiving fewer

operating dollars today than they were

a decade ago, when those figures are

adjusted for inflation over time.

Despite the rising cost of running

a classroom in the 21st century, new

data reveal only nine boards have recorded

an overall percentage increase

in annual provincial base funding

since 2012. The inflation-adjusted value

of the majority’s funding has fallen

between one and 20 per cent.

Concerned about his employer’s

worsening budget crunch, accountant

Michael Harder — a rural resident

who self-identifies as “a small-government

guy” — set out to analyze K-12

budgets across the province.

“For kids that are very competent at

school, that are good at school or good

at a certain subject, a lack of resources

isn’t going to hold them back. But when

kids struggle with a subject, (it does),”

said the school division employee.

Harder compiled a spreadsheet

using public division revenue statistics

and Canada’s annual rate of inflation

over the last 10 years.

The resulting data show Beautiful

Plains, Western, Brandon, Hanover,

Garden Valley, Seine River, Seven

Oaks, Mystery Lake and the francophone

district are in the minority

group that has had base funding increase

between 2012-13 and 2021-22.

Alan Campbell, president of the Manitoba

School Boards Association, called

the findings “completely unsurprising.”

“When it comes to the ever-increasing

operational realities of running

schools in Manitoba, the funding was

way behind before COVID (pandemic)

and it’s much worse now — both in

terms of the costs of the system and

in terms of the needs of the students

and the staff,” said Campbell, a veteran

trustee in the Interlake School

Division, which has recorded an 18 per

cent decrease in base grant dollars

Manitoba’s funding formula for

public education, which was implemented

in 2002-03, has long been

criticized for creating inequities

across the K-12 system, despite

an equalization formula built into

it. It allocates dollars based on

student population, transportation

requirements and building expenses,

among numerous line items and

supplementary grants.

Only one of the 15 divisions that

have suffered the greatest losses

— meaning base funding, when

adjusted with inflation, has dropped

by 15 per cent or more — is not a

rural district.

Five of them have added more

students to their schools since September


In the Prairie Spirit School

Division, encompassing Treherne,

Cartwright and many farming

communities between, funding has

dropped, even though enrolment

has increased by nearly 100 pupils.

“It’s a difficult combination,” said

Jan McIntyre, chair of the south

central district’s board. “Basically,

for the last two years, we’ve been

running a deficit budget to maintain

basic services and we’ve had to

make cuts that have directly affected


The division has scaled back its

literacy and numeracy support staff

and consolidated bus routes, while

aiming to obey the province’s expectation

no child spends more than

one hour on a one-way bus commute

to class.

While noting trustees no longer

have the ability to raise funds

through local taxation, McIntyre

said reduced provincial funding

ultimately results in increased

pressure on hardworking staff and


The Tory government announced

its plans to overhaul the K-12

funding model in November 2021.

A new version was anticipated to be

in place for the 2023-24 school year,

until Education Minister Wayne Ewasko 

announced more time was needed late last year.

In a statement, Ewasko said the

review team is developing a model

“that is equitable, supports longterm

planning, and provides schools

and school division leaders with

additional flexibility to address

local needs.”

“The (spreadsheet author) uses

school divisions’ budget reports,

which reflect the funding budgeted

by the school divisions at the beginning

of the school year and does not

take into account in-year funding,”

he said, noting recent COVID-19-related

funding announcements and

grants distributed to address wage


(The latter sums have been

distributed after divisions were

ordered to back pay staff because

the Tories’ proposed public-sector

wage freeze legislation was ruled


The minister noted Manitoba has

earmarked $460 million for K-12

education — $308 million for capital

projects, $77 million for wages

and other costs, and $22 million

“to strengthen student support and

learning” — on top of base funding

for the current school year.

“Top-ups will never fulfil what’s

needed in communities and schools,

simply because there are costs that

go up every year — heating the

buildings, salaries, benefits,” countered

NDP education critic Nello


The Transcona MLA criticized

the government for wasting time

on Bill 64, the now-defunct piece

of legislation that aimed to abolish

school boards.

Harder says the main problem

with the current equation is a failure

to recognize that salaries drive

increased expenses, not class size.

Manitoba Education should come

up with “a reasonable definition of

what a classroom is,” and distribute

base funding per classroom

rather than per pupil, the accountant


Manitoba is expected to release

2023-24 funding details in the

coming weeks; school boards must

submit upcoming budgets before

March 15.

Waskada School Coffee News      


Students from Waskada School had coffee time with the seniors, looks like they had a great time!

A big Thank you to Jo (& grade 5's) for the baking, the seniors loved the ginger snaps! 

The seniors are eagerly waiting for the next visit from the students!

SHSD Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Please click the following link to view our new Strategic Plan 2022-2026