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PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the Southwest Horizon School Division intends to conduct the following Pesticide Control Programs in 2024:


To control rodents and crawling insects within the Southwest Horizon School Division.

The projected dates of application will be Monthly from

May 1st, 2024, to December 31st, 2024.


The following products supplied and administered by Poulin’s Pest Control will be used in and around the crawlspace of schools in the communities of Wawanesa, Souris, Hartney, Deloraine, Waskada, Melita and Pierson:


·        Contrac Blox

·        Rozol RTV

·        Resolv Dragnet

·        Dr. Doom Residual

·        Dr. Doom In and Out

·        Contrac Grain Bait Bag

·        Pro Ant and Roach Pyrodust

·        Dr. Doom Wasp and Hornet

·        Temprid SC

·        Drione

·        Permethrin

·        Bromadiolone


The public may send written submission or objections within 15 days of the publication of the notice to the department below:


Pesticide Use Permit Program

Environmental Approvals Branch

Manitoba Environmental and Climate Change

Box 35, 14 Fultz Blvd

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3Y 0L6

Hartney School



Festival du Voyageur 2024 


Souris School's Grade 5-6 Classes

This past week the Grade 5/6’s from Souris School had the chance to go to the Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg! The grade 5/6’s planned and coordinated this incredible experience. As a result, they developed an awareness and appreciation of Manitoban and Indigenous culture within Manitoba. You could tell the Grade 5/6’s from Bodie, Elder, and Filewich’s room were engaged and excited to experience meaningful and authentic experiences that we talk about in our Social Studies programs. He Ho!  

Career Trek is Back in Session!

Project 11 Wellness Summit

This past week the Grade 5/6’s in Mr. Filewich’s class from Souris School had the chance to attend the Project 11 Wellness Summit – through the True North Youth Foundation - for the first time ever! 

The Project 11 Summit is an extension of Project 11’s classroom curriculum and is an opportunity to bring the conversation about mental wellness outside of the classroom, discuss it together as a community, share coping strategies, positivity, and empathy, and celebrate how students have grown to better understand and manage their emotions and stresses through Project 11’s lesson plans. 

The students were eager to learn more from the presenters that included Fred Penner, Winnipeg Jets Connor Hellebuyck and Nikolaj Ehlers, and Darcy Oake (among many others). You could tell the Grade 5/6’s were super engaged and excited to experience meaningful and authentic experiences that we can connect with as part of our Mental Wellness school programming. 


On Tuesday, November 7 the Grade 5/6 students from Souris School took part in the No Stone Left Alone ceremony at the Souris-Glenwood Cemetery. The purpose of the ceremony was to honour the sacrifice and service of Canada’s military by educating students and placing poppies on the headstones of each veteran. We are honoured to have done this for five (5) straight years (2019-2023) and proud that we are able to provide an authentic, community-based learning experience for our students by recognizing those who have served, and continue to serve, our great country. Visiting the cemetery and actively participating in this ceremony, along with visiting the Souris Legion for snacks and poster inspiration afterwards, was a highly impactful learning event that allowed students to connect curriculum to relevant and meaningful real-life experiences.  

Thank you to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #60 in Souris, Darren Janz, and Ryan Lawson for facilitating this significant event.

Hartney School

Last May Ms Salamondra's Grade 7/8's and Grade 10's planted test plots of corn cover cropped to beans, Corn with no fertilizer and corn with fertilizer.  They also planted 2 varieties of soybeans.  They sprayed for weeds and fertilized in June.  

On September 13 the students visited the field to learn about testing silage and how we can compare the plots.  Scott Perkin, from Perkin Seed and Soil, was kind enough to demonstrate how to find the milk line in the corn kernel to determine whether the plant is ready for chop silage.  He also shared the procedure he uses to assess corn varieties for his seed business. 


The classes gathered a sample of corn plants from each plot.  We measured the plants for length, collected a weight for four plants, and chose three sample cobs for a kernel count.  On Thursday we counted kernels and determined the mean data for each plot.

Souris School

Awesome work by the students in Mr. Filewich's Grade 5/6 class at Souris School, who planned, prepared, and created “Steven Spielberg” scarecrows for the town-wide Scarecrow Days event in Souris that is happening the weekend of September 23 & 24. This year they created a Jurassic Park display with a lot of hidden gems within the display! 


It is great to see our youth working together to participate in community events both at the school and at their own homes. This year’s group went above and beyond our expectations and they should be very proud of the critical thinking, teamwork, and community building skills they demonstrated, as well as their Jurassi-tastic finished products!

Pierson School

On behalf of Pierson School Athletics we would like to thank Good Lands Environmental Inc. for their generous donation of $900 for new Volleyball Jersey's.  It is so wonderful to the support of our community behind our school programs.  

Pictured here are Alleah McKague, Pierson School Athletic Director & Jill Caldwell, Business Manager/Owner of Good Lands Environmental

The Board of Trustees of Southwest Horizon School Division is excited to announce the appointment of Dayna Leslie as the Principal of Hartney School, effective February 5, 2024. Dayna has been a member of Southwest Horizon’s team for ten years, as a classroom teacher, a resource teacher, and a principal at Waskada School. Dayna believes that education is a right for all learners. As a principal, she has the passion for encouraging a school climate that allows staff and students to stretch their learning, pursue their interests, and develop leadership skills that will benefit not only the school but also their future endeavors. Dayna is proud to work within rural schools as they provide students with strong connections, community awareness and a sense of belonging.

Please join us in welcoming Dayna to Hartney School!

SHSD Strategic Plan 2022-2026

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