The Workplace Incident Reporting and Investigation Administrative procedure is intended to provide the correct investigatory and reporting procedures in the event of a workplace accident/incident. The creation of complete documentation, proper reports and investigations of workplace accidents/incidents will increase our overall readiness to identify and resolve workplace safety issues, reduce workplace injuries and increase efficiency.

Southwest Horizon School Division (SHSD) requires their staff to follow the correct reporting of any workplace incident and injuries and will strive to prevent any potential workplace injuries through implementation of safety and health administrative procedures and programs.

SHSD requires that any workplace accident / incident be reported immediately. This includes incidents involving school staff, students, visitors, volunteers, school sponsored trips, contractors and divisional vehicles.

Response to a Workplace Incident

Reporting Process




Student Accident or Injury

Teaching Staff Accident or Injury


Non-Teaching Staff & Educational Assistant Accident or Injury


Minor First Aid Injuries


Injuries Requiring Medical Care From a Medical Professional


For injuries where a worker has an injury but did not have lost time immediately after the incident


School Visitors Accident or Injury


Construction and Trades Accident or Injury


Divisional Vehicle Accident


School Bus Accident


Serious Incident Response and Investigation

If the extent of injury is unclear but it appears that the potential exists that the injury may fall under the serious incident definition, treat the accident as a serious incident.


Under Manitoba Regulation 108/88R, section 2, such notification must take place immediately after a serious incident, using “the fastest means of communication available.”


The Southwest Horizon School Division defines serious incident in the same way as the Provincial Workplace Safety and Health Division.


 Definition: "serious incident"

2.6 In sections 2.7 to 2.9, "serious incident" means an incident

(a) in which a worker is killed;

(b) in which a worker suffers

(i) an injury resulting from electrical contact,

(ii) unconsciousness as the result of a concussion,

(iii) a fracture of his or her skull, spine, pelvis, arm, leg, hand or foot,

(iv) amputation of an arm, leg, hand, foot, finger or toe,

(v) third degree burns,

(vi) permanent or temporary loss of sight,

  (vii) a cut or laceration that requires medical treatment at a hospital as defined in The Health Services Insurance Act, or

(viii) asphyxiation or poisoning; or

(c) that involves

  (i) the collapse or structural failure of a building, structure, crane, hoist, lift, temporary support system or excavation,

(ii) an explosion, fire or flood,

(iii) an uncontrolled spill or escape of a hazardous substance, or

(iv) the failure of an atmosphere-supplying respirator.


1. When notified of a Serious incident, the Supervisor shall immediately proceed to the accident scene and ensure that the area is secured and remains undisturbed until released by a Provincial Safety and Health Officer.

2. The Supervisor will contact the Executive Team, Divisional Workplace Safety & Health Officer and the Safety and Health Representative so that a joint investigation can be conducted of the accident with that person once the injured team member is removed from the scene and it is safe to enter the accident area. Follow the steps outlined for conducting an accident investigation found on the last page with the heading JSHC – Investigation.

3. The Superintendent or Secretary Treasurer will call to report the serious incident to Manitoba Labour and Immigration – Workplace Safety and Health Division. Tell the operator that you are reporting a serious incident. You will need to provide:

An Officer will call you back, so be sure that you leave a number you can easily be reached on. Keep detailed notes as to the times of all calls, the name of the Officer(s) you talk to and details of the discussions.

4. If the root cause(s) of the accident and corrective action(s) are identified, review these once the Officer calls you back. Have the safety committee representative present to talk with the Officer to confirm what has taken place. Often the Officer will release the scene if the safety committee member confirms that the accident investigation has been completed and corrective actions have been agreed on to remove any unsafe conditions.

5. If the Officer agrees with the corrective actions, they will release the accident scene and make arrangements to investigate the following day. If the Officer decides to investigate immediately, the accident scene must then remain secured until the Officer has completed their investigation. Continue to follow-up to ensure the accident scene remains secured and nothing is moved. Arrange to have copies of all relevant documentation such as training records, maintenance records, work procedures, etc. available for the Officer when they arrive. 


Joint Safety and Health Committee – Investigation

1. Contact the immediate Supervisor of the location where the incident occurred and the Safety and Health Representative so that a joint investigation can be conducted (even if the injured worker is not available). The DWSH Officer can be contacted if they would like assistance during the investigation. Complete the Accident Investigation form to gather all available information such as:

2. Identify root causes.

3. Determine and implement temporary or, if possible, long term corrective measures to address root causes before re-starting the process.

4. Complete an Incident Investigation form and provide copies to the immediate supervisor and the DWSH Officer.

5. Ensure that copies of all records reviewed (training records, maintenance records, work procedures, toolbox talks, equipment drawings) are attached to the accident investigation.

6. Schedule follow-up meeting to review effectiveness of the temporary and long term corrective measures implemented.







Acknowledgment and Agreement

I, ________________________________________________ acknowledge that I have read and understand the Incident Reporting & Investigating Administrative Procedure of Southwest Horizon School Division. I agree to adhere to this administrative procedure and will ensure that employees working under my direction adhere to this administrative procedure. I understand that if I violate the rules set forth by this administrative procedure, I may face disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.