Contractors Program

Southwest Horizon School Division provides a safe environment for students, visitors and staff. To help ensure this and minimize disruptions, contractors are required to know, understand and apply the Divisional Safety Requirements while on site in addition to Federal and Provincial Acts, Regulations and Guidelines. 


Contractors working at Southwest Horizon shall not engage in work, which may compromise the safety of students, staff and visitors at the division.



Any schools within the Southwest Horizon School Division that are hiring contractors must first notify the Director of Operations for approval. The approval process is required to ensure the ongoing safety of the contractor activities while on site.  Once approved, all contractors must undergo the contractor safety orientation prior to starting work on divisional property. The orientation ensures that the contractor understand the requirements needed to carry out the work safely, the divisional safety requirements, as well as the Workplace Safety and Health Act and its Regulations.


What is a Contractor?

A "contractor" means a person who directs the activities of one or more employers or self-employed persons involved in work on a project. Due Diligence and responsibilities of Contractors:







What is a Prime Contractor?

The prime contractor for a construction project is defined under the Workplace Safety and Health Act as any person who enters into a contract to serve as the prime contractor with the owner of the construction project site or if there is no contract, the owner of the construction project site. The prime contractor is responsible to ensure that a construction project is undertaken in a safe and healthy manner and in accordance with all applicable provincial and federal regulations. 

This includes: