Would you like to become a School Board Trustee?

Elections for the office of school trustee are held every 4 years, in conjunction with municipal elections, on the fourth Wednesday in October.

Our next elections are scheduled for the Fall of 2022.

You qualify to run for the position of School Board Trustee if you are:

  • A Canadian Citizen

  • Aged 18 or over, at the date of election

  • A resident in the school division - and have been so for at least 6 months prior to elections.

Further information on becoming a board member can be obtained by reviewing the Manitoba School Boards Association website section entitled Becoming a School Trustee

If you would like to discuss the role of a Trustee in Southwest Horizon School Division then please contact Kevin Zabowski, Secretary-Treasurer on 483-6261 or via email at kevinzabowski@shmb.ca

Alternatively contact your local board member.