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A Summer Literacy Program is being offered to pre-school and school aged

children in your community.  Click the following links for Further information

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Thank you to the Royal Bank of Canada and the Province of

Manitoba Green Team Grant for supporting the 2014 Summer

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School Satisfaction Surveys


The School Satisfaction Survey process was new to Southwest Horizon School Division and was approved by the Board of Trustees in the 2010/2011 school year.  Waskada and Souris School were surveyed in 2010/11.  Deloraine, Pierson and Melita School were surveyed in 2011/2012.  Hartney and Wawanesa were surveyed in 2012/2013.  All these results are now posted to our website.


For the 2013/2014 school year we will go back to Waskada and Souris School to carry out new surveys and their results will be posted when available ....... read more






Your Input Requested - Division Priorities



Southwest Horizon School Division invites input into our strategic planning process.  Please review our Priorities  and offer your suggestions 




Mission Statement:


Southwest Horizon School Division is committed to learning and enriching our communities with inclusive, outstanding educational choices.


The Division


Established in 2002 as a result of amalgamation, Southwest Horizon is a rural school division located in Southwestern Manitoba. The geographical size of the division is approximately 6,500 square kilometres.


As of September 30, 2011 Enrollment of Kindergarten to Grade 12 stands at 1,648 students, with a total staff (full-time and part-time) of 320 including 154 Teachers and 73 Educational Assistants.


There are 12 schools in our division. This includes 5 schools located in Hutterian Colonies.


The Board of Trustees has a strong commitment to small schools and to seeking innovative means of delivering quality programming to students in a rural environment.


The Division operating budget for 2011-2012 is $19.5 million.


Administrative Structure


Southwest Horizon School Division has chosen a dual track administrative structure where the Superintendent is primarily responsible for all functions related directly to the education of students (staffing, curriculum, professional development of staff, special education, evaluation etc.). The Secretary – Treasurer is responsible for fiscal management, transportation and maintenance (operations) and for the staffing, professional development, and evaluation of staff under his jurisdiction.


The Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer work together as a team in setting divisional goals, setting the budget, advising the Board, carrying out the Board’s direction and leading the school division. Together, they are referred to as the Executive Team.


The Region


Agriculture has historically provided the economic base in the region. More recently, there has been increasing levels of energy-related development.


High quality country living in an area sprinkled with hunting, skiing, fishing, boating and other year-round outdoor recreational opportunities have a strong appeal for residents.


Excellent recreation facilities are available throughout the Division.