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February Dress-Up Grade 5/6 Class - Souris School


Needless to say, there have been many things that are out of our control over the past 11 months. The students in Grade 5/6 Filewich have been working on developing strong mental health strategies to help navigate through all of the changes. We have engaged with programs such as Project 11 to explore resources and skills for building growth mindset. So far, the students have learned to look for positives and focus on the things we can control.


During our class discussions, students identified being in the classroom learning together as a positive. The students were eager to brainstorm ways to make coming to school even more exciting and decided that dressing up in their best outfits would be a great way to feel even more positive and confident.


The Project 11 lessons we have incorporated into the class have given us some fresh optimism and helped us reflect and be thankful for the time we have together in our safe, classroom environment. For the month of February, the students will be looking at the brighter side of things by dressing up and putting their best foot forward. Be sure to watch out for these sharp dressed and sharp minded students over the next few weeks!