From the Superintendent's Desk

From the Superintendent's DeskFrom the Superintendent's Desk


Welcome to another exciting school year in Southwest Horizon School Division.  Summer seems long gone, quickly replaced by busy school and extra curricular calendars! 

Southwest Horizon is in the final stages of setting priorities for 2016-2020 through a Strategic Direction Plan.  The draft priorities stem from our three foundational beliefs:

  • We believe in high levels of success for all students.  
  • We believe that learning is our core purpose.  
  • We believe in strong connections.  

As we work to reset our Strategic Plan based on these foundational beliefs we ask ourselves, if we truly believe in these statements, what will our schools look like?  What will our schools feel like?  What will we hear?  “The mission of a school…is not revealed by what people say, but rather, by what they do.” (DuFour).  

It is our intent to educate students who will create change for the world and make a difference.  This is an enormous task that cannot be done in isolation.  “Changing the world takes more than everything any one person knows, but not more than we know together.’ (Simon Sinek).  Senior Administration, the Board of Trustees, division and school staff, students, parents and community members working together will bring us closer to this goal for our students.  

Please join us in this very important strategic planning process.  We will share a draft of our Strategic Plan at a public session to be held on November 9 at 7:30 p.m. at Hartney School.  If you are unable to attend but wish to share your thoughts, please email me at CarolynCory@shmb.ca.  I look forward to working together on behalf of our students.