SHSD Activity Busses


Dear Southwest Horizon School Division stakeholders,

CBC recently published an article titled, “Defective seats on school minibuses put students at risk of injury”.  The article speaks to an "Important Safety Recall Notice" and identifies a safety risk associated with seats on more than 200 school minibuses manufactured between 2011 and 2018.  
Southwest Horizon School Division is aware of the recall as we have three “activity buses” in our school bus fleet; one of which is a MicroBird mentioned in the article.  However, our activity buses (minibuses) are not affected by the recall.  Our MicroBus was manufactured prior to 2011 and the other activity buses in our fleet are from a different supplier.  
All three division owned activity buses have the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) designation for safety.  Although only two of our minibuses have seatbelts installed, all are manufactured and crash rated for student safety.  The one activity bus without seatbelts has a school bus chassis that is crash tested with compartmentalization as its restraint system for occupants.  This means that this bus does not require seat belts as it is designed like any other regular school bus where seatbelts are not required.  The activity buses with seatbelts installed must be worn by the passenger.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kevin Zabowski, Secretary-Treasurer, at 204-483-6261.