Hartney School - Artist in the School

Hartney School welcomed Artist in the School, Sister Dorothy on the week of October 1 - 5. Classically trained, but raised on Classic Rock, musician and song writer Sister Dorothy has amazed and entertained audiences from Winnipeg to Jamaica. She has been involved in the Manitoba Arts Council's Artists in the Schools program for more than a decade. 


The students from Grades K-8 were involved in songwriting and singing with Sister Dorothy, as well as playing instruments we have at the school - like recorders, flutes, guitars and xylophones.  She even got the staff involved!  A very talented lady - she can sing in English, French, Cree and Ojibwe and plays the flute, electric, bass and acoustic guitar and the drums (steel drums as well) .  We never knew what Oh Canada was going to sound like every morning that week!  


Their hard work throughout the week was enjoyed by students, staff, parent visitors and community members at a Friday afternoon finale concert.