Director of Student Services Appointment


The Board of Trustees of Southwest Horizon School Division is excited to announce the appointment of Jill Patmore as Director of Student Services.  Effective summer 2018.


Jill lives in Deloraine and has been a teacher in the division for seven years and a resource teacher for the past four years.  She is also the current literacy coach for Deloraine School.


Jill received her Education Degree at Mayville State University, North Dakota and her Master’s Degree in English Literature & Language from Carleton University.  She is also enrolled at Brandon University to complete a Master’s in Special Education.


Jill is deeply committed to student success both academically and socially, and is  looking forward to becoming part of the senior administration team to serve the needs of all students. 


Her philosophy on inclusive classrooms states: An inclusive classroom is one that recognizes that within each individual, regardless of his or her background, abilities, and/or needs, there is potential. Because every student’s potential is recognized, an inclusive classroom is a promise made by the teachers, schools, and community that there will be a commitment to equipping that student with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to develop both academically and socially to the best of their abilities.”.


We welcome Jill to the senior administration team at Southwest Horizon School Division and look forward to working with her.