Deloraine Grade 4 - Flexible Seating

The Deloraine grade 4 class is trying something new this year!  We are excited to share that flexible seating will be happening in our classroom.  The idea is that every student has a different learning style, and their teacher wants to empower each student to choose which seat in the classroom best meets their needs.  

Students now have a variety of seating options throughout the day.  Desks are still an option for those who prefer them, but they are unassigned.  Our seating options include the carpet, a teacher’s chair, padded benches, bean bag chairs, stools, stability balls, a tall standing desk, yoga mats, and a low table.  There are lap desks available for those students who choose to use them at their spot.  

Another feature in the classroom is an exercise bike.  The hope is that if a child needs to move their legs they may do so while remaining in the classroom.  

We are two months into the school year and the students are LOVING it!