September - Message from the Superintendent

Welcome to the 2017/18 school year in Southwest Horizon School Division!  I hope that everyone is rejuvenated and excited to work, play, and most importantly learn together in one of our 13 school communities. 


SHSD is proud of the progress we have made together with you, our stakeholders over the past few years, and look forward to moving into our first full year of a new strategic plan with 3 Priority Areas:


Character, Culture and Ethical Citizenship

Literacy and Numeracy as the Foundation

Engagement and Deep Learning.


As educators, we know that a safe and caring school environment is vital for all learners.  During these first few weeks of school, SHSD staff will work with students, parents and each other to create classroom communities built on respect, classrooms in which students learn to take risks, make a few mistakes, and learn from them. We want our students to develop into citizens who are deep thinkers, citizens who have the ability and feel the obligation to ask questions.  Will this be easy? No.  Will it be worth it?  Absolutely!


As Magic Johnson once said, “All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them.”  We are honored to be a part of the team that provides this for each of our children.  We genuinely look forward to working with you today, this week, this year and in the years to come.