Southwest Horizon School Division believes in the development of our work environment, both to enhance employee engagement and to commit to the continued excellence of our organization. The development of our staff is an essential investment that enables Southwest Horizon School Division to maintain and extend our employees' knowledge and skills as our work environment evolves. 



  • The Division will identify the competencies needed for all employees.
  • The Division employees and students will receive training that is effective and appropriate for the workplace; this includes periodic refreshers as required.
  • The Division uses the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act and Regulation to identify safety & health training needs.
  • The Division shall ensure that all safety & health training is completed and up to date.
  • All occupational safety & health training is to be documented and records are properly maintained.
  • Training programs will be assessed every year to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Employees are required to maintain the WSH competencies, skills, qualifications and licenses required to perform their jobs.
  • The Division will assist in providing any WSH training required in the continual maintenance of employee's competencies, skills, qualifications and licenses.
  •  All Division employees are to be oriented on the WSH program, including pre-employment orientation, job specific training, refresher training, safety & health meetings, Global Harmonized System (GHS)(formally known as WHMIS), emergency procedures, incident reporting, hazard reporting and safe work procedures.
  • Training is to be provided to new workers, when workers change jobs or return to work, when a process or legislation is changed or as determined by management.




Board of Trustees, Superintendent and Secretary Treasurer

Create and foster an environment that facilitates and enhances the skills training, resource sharing and career development of employees by:

  • Reviewing future needs and examining the need for employee development initiatives.
  • Allocating appropriate resources for employee Workplace Safety and Health training and development.
  • Maintaining open communications with Southwest Horizon School Division departments to identify cross-training opportunities.


Principals and Supervisors

Create and foster an environment that facilitates and enhances the skills training and career development of employees by:

  • Conducting performance appraisals for staff, identifying succession planning candidates and working with staff to determine potential opportunities for WSH training and development.
  • Providing job-specific training as required
  • Inform staff of upcoming Workplace Safety and Health training and development opportunities.
  • Review and approve (as appropriate) requests for WSH training and development.



Take the primary responsibility for managing their careers by:

  • Reviewing their current skill sets, training and development needs for maintaining current knowledge and meeting the needs for career aspirations, determining logical and appropriate avenues for training and development and applying/requesting training and development as needed.
  • Suggest possible WSH training and development opportunities as appropriate.


Divisional Workplace Safety and Health Officer

Provide support to administrators and employees in carrying out their career development responsibilities by:

  • Conducting training needs assessments and developing programs in consultation with Southwest Horizon School Division Executive Team.
  • Create and facilitate training programs that uphold the current WSH Act and Regulations.









Acknowledgement and Agreement

I, _______________________________ acknowledge that I have read and understand the Training and Communication Administrative Procedure of Southwest Horizon School Division. Further, I agree to adhere to this Administrative Procedure and will ensure that employees working under my direction adhere to this administrative procedure. I understand that if I violate the rules/procedures outlined in this administrative procedure, I may face disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.