Staff Directory

Due to the size of our catchment area, the Southwest Horizon School Division Office is incorporated into two locations. One in Melita and one in Souris. 

Division Contacts

Title Name Location Phone Email
Superintendent Carolyn Cory Souris 483-6248
Executive Secretary Michelle Blades Souris 483-6249
Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Zabowski Melita 483-6261
Assistant to Secretary-Treasurer Nicole Simpson Melita 483-6260
Accounts Payable Lorena Murray Melita 483-6256
Payroll Specialist Norma Rae Tilbury Melita 483-6263
Workplace Safety & Health Officer Deanna Kowalchuk Souris 483-6258 
Operations Supervisor Glynn Warnica Souris 483-6250
Operations Coordinator  Lori Couling  Souris 483-6251 

Education Technology Specialist

Paul Friesen

Student Information System Specialist

Cynthia Delaurier Souris 483-6285

Study MB International Student Program Rhonda Simon Souris 483-6252
Curriculum/SYAO Coordinator Robin Brigden   483-6234
Director of Student Services Jill Patmore   483-6244   
Student Services/Curriculum Assistant Cindy Locke Souris 483-6254