Southwest Horizon School Division values our employees as our greatest asset and strives to provide a hazard-free, safe and healthy workplace that complies with The Manitoba Safety and Health Act and Regulations. 


In dealing with workplace hazards, Southwest Horizon School Division has implemented this administrative procedure to assist our employees in the identification, assessment and control of hazards and risks to ensure their safety and so that safe work practices and procedures are being adhered to. 




Hazard: the term "hazard" refers to the potential to cause harm. In the case of a workplace health hazard, the harm is to a worker's health and usually takes the form of an injury or illness. It is important to note that a "hazard" only represents a potential to cause harm. Whether it actually does cause harm will depend on circumstances, such as the toxicity of the health hazard, exposure amount and duration. 


Risk: is the probability or chance that a hazard will actually harm someone. 


Occupational Hazards: an occupational hazard is a thing or situation with the potential to harm a worker. Occupational hazards can be divided into two categories: 

  • Safety hazards that cause accidents that physically injure workers and
  • Health hazards which result in the development of disease. 




Removing occupational hazards is only one way of improving worker protection. A more practical approach to the limitation of occupational hazards is the control or management of the risks that hazards pose. 


As mandated by The Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation, all organizations must develop and implement Safe Work Practices. Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis for all jobs done in the workplace will create these Safe Work Practices. 


Administrative Procedure Application


  1. All non-administrative positions will be subject to initial and periodical job hazard analysis. 
  2. Job Hazard Analysis are to be completed by members of the Joint Safety & Health Committee (JSHC), Divisional Workplace Safety and Health Officer (DWSH Officer) and employees in an effort to identify and subsequently eliminate any risk to the health and safety of the organization. 
  3. Safe Work Practices will be developed through summarizing the findings of the job hazard analysis. Safe Work Practices will include information to aid employees in carrying out their work safely. 
  4. All Safe Work Practices, in accordance with Manitoba's Workplace Safety and Health Regulation, will adhere to the following:
  • All practices/procedures will:
  • Use positive language (i.e., ensure and always)
  • Summarize the information that was collected through the Job Hazard Analysis. 
  • Identify the specific job that the procedure applies to. 
  • Identify who wrote and/or approved the Safe Work Procedure, as well as the date it was produced and the latest revision date. 
  • Identify specific hazards that may be encountered while performing the job. 
  • Identify Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or other devices that are required to perform the job safely.
  • Describe step-by-step procedures that will allow the individual to perform the job safely.
  • Refer to or describe the steps to follow in an emergency or during an equipment malfunction
  • Refer to guidance documents, standards or legislation that applies to the specific task. 
  1. All workers shall be trained in the Safe Work Practices applicable to their jobs. 
  2. Supervisor’s of Southwest Horizon School Division shall ensure that all employees will be in full compliance with identified Safe Work Practices. 
  3. While it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure Safe Work Practices are developed and implemented, all Southwest Horizon School Division employees must ensure that work is done in a safe manner and the Safe Work Practices are being strictly adhered to. 


Form:  Safe Work Procedure


Acknowledgement and Agreement
I, _________________________________________ acknowledge that I have read and understand the Safe Work Practices Administrative Procedure of Southwest Horizon School Division. Further, I agree to adhere to this administrative procedure and will ensure that employees working under my direction adhere to this administrative procedure. I understand that if I violate the rules/procedures outlined in this administrative procedure, I may face disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. 
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