School Satisfaction Surveys

 School Satisfaction Surveys

We have wonderful schools with caring staff who strive to ensure that all our students have the best educational opportunities available to them, and this process serves to celebrate our successes and to identify any potential areas of improvement for the school community.  The process is one of celebration and growth that serves to facilitate the continual improvement process that is a priority of the Southwest Horizon School Division. 

The division office collects data from all the stakeholders in the school community including students, staff, parents and parent councils to gain an overall picture of school operations.  Once the data is compiled, commendations and recommendations are written and included in a report that is provided to the trustees, school administration, staff, the parent council and the school community. 

Schools should celebrate the successes they are having and work towards addressing the recommendations in the report throughout the year and in their annual planning process. 

The Board of Trustees has chosen to review two or three schools per year on a cyclical basis across the division. 

Final reports are available to view as a PDF document by clicking on the link below:

We look forward to working with our schools and school communities to celebrate the great things that are happening in our schools and to work together to continue improving educational services to our students in the future.