Southwest Horizon School Division is committed to the Safety & Health of its employees and as such, has created this administrative procedure on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Personal Protective Equipment is legislatively required and can prevent many workplace injuries. This administrative procedure must be observed at all times when working in areas requiring personal protective equipment. 



  • All employees, students and visitors must wear CSA-approved safety glasses, CSA safety boots, CSA-approved hard hats and /or any other specialty Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when in designated PPE work zones.
  • All PPE used by Southwest Horizon School Division will comply with the requirements of the Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health Act and Regulation.
  • All PPE used by this Southwest Horizon School Division will be stored and maintained in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and requirements.
  • All PPE that is damaged, broken or in need of service or repair must be removed from service immediately.
  • All PPE that has been taken from service will be tagged "OUT OF SERVICE." Any PPE tagged "OUT OF SERVICE" will not be used again until repaired and inspected by a qualified person.
  • The Southwest Horizon School Division will maintain inspection by recording any findings on the maintenance and inspections service logs for specialty PPE.
  • No piece of PPE will be modified or changed contrary to manufacturer's instructions or specifications as per the Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health Act and Regulation.

Board of Trustees, Superintendent, Secretary Treasurer, Principal’s and Supervisor’s Responsibilities

  • Management shall ensure that employees are using the appropriate PPEs.
  • All employees shall be trained on the use and inspection of all PPEs they may be required to use.
  • Management will not allow any employee to perform their duties without PPEs or with damaged PPEs.


Employee Responsibilities

  • Employees must follow all guidelines as outlined above. Specifically, they must wear all required PPE when in designated areas.
  • The employee must inspect PPE at the time of issue and before each use, using the provided maintenance inspection service log.
  • Any PPE that does not pass inspection must be reported to a supervisor and or the Divisional Workplace Safety and Health Officer.
  • Employees may not continue regular duties until they have been reissued the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Employees must report any unsafe behaviours or potential hazards they see in the workplace to a supervisor.
  • Under no circumstance shall division employees modify or change PPE. Uncomfortable PPEs may be due to lack of fit and additional fit testing may be required.


*The safety information contained within this administrative procedure does not take precedence over Occupational Safety & Health legislation. 


Acknowledgement and Agreement
I, _________________________________________ acknowledge that I have read and understand the Personal Protective Equipment Administrative Procedure of Southwest Horizon School Division. Further, I agree to adhere to this administrative procedure and will ensure that employees working under my direction adhere to this administrative procedure. I understand that if I violate the rules/procedures outlined in this administrative procedure, I may face disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.